I Love Lucy

I do not believe there is a person alive in this country that isn’t aware of the legendary TV sitcom I Love Lucy.  I would hope there isn’t anyone alive that has not seen an episode of the show.  I know there are.  There are lurkers reading this now that haven’t a clue what I am talking about but come on! It’s Lucille Ball for Pete’s sake. If there is a first lady of TV comedy, it is certainly her.

It was not only her as the zany Lucy that made the show work so well of course.  There were Fred and Ethel, she and Ricky’s neighbors that lived downstairs, and all the “normal” people that Lucy could bounce off of like a bowling ball.  She really was the ultimate whacky character, with every kind of silly project or crazy idea of how to be a loving wife you could imagine.

i love lucy

Ricky Ricardo, played to perfection by Desi Arnaz, was a talented Latino guy.  As a singer and bandleader, he was the star of his own show.  Lucy, of course, wanted to get in on the action but often made a fool of herself or her husband.  But Ricky would always forgive her because she was so pathetic and lovable.  I mean, who wouldn’t love Lucy, especially when she cries her eyes out and grovels.  She always meant well, she just messed things up. You can find reruns of many episodes of I Love Lucy on Dish Network Satellite Television.

i love lucy cast

Comedy is difficult to do well in any time period and I find that a lot of times it does not hold up well at all.  I watch a lot of old movies and some times the comedy is not that funny.  I think what is so amazing with the I Love Lucy Show is that it is timeless.  It is still funny.  I can watch an episode today and still get a kick out of it.  Themes of family love, loyalty, the desire for acceptance, true friendship, biting off more than you can chew, etc, are never gong to change.

i love lucy

Plus, when you have a cast as talented and people with as strong a chemistry as they had, it never gets “old.”  You can see old reruns when you sign up at this website.

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