Walking Dead’s Tyreese: Comic Book vs. TV Show


Fans of the original The Walking Dead comic book often note that the TV show and the original comics can be very different. This is especially true with certain characters, like Tyreese, who only barely resemble their comic book counterparts. The differences between comic book Tyreese and TV show Tyreese are so great that many fans say it’s hard to predict what will come next for Tyreese, since their storylines are so vastly different. Let’s look at some of the most significant differences between Tyreese in the original comics and Tyreese in the TV show.

His backstory
In the original comic books, Tyreese is traveling with his daughter and her boyfriend–the couple eventually die after a long and complex subplot. The TV version of Tyreese, however, is not traveling with his family; he is traveling with companions of an unknown relationship, one of whom is bitten by a zombie during their entry into the prison and dies soon after.

tyreese the walking dead

His relationship in the group
In the comic books, Tyreese is essentially a second leader for the group. He is very close to Rick and is like a second father figure to Carl, similar to the role that Shane played in the first two seasons of the show. In the TV show, however, Tyreese’s role is not so significant–he is now more of a caretaker and protector of Judith than any sort of Rick-like leader.

zombies surround car the walking dead tyreese

His relationship to Carol
In the comic books, Tyreese and Carol were in a romantic relationship. Tyreese eventually cheats on Carol with Michonne, and begins a relationship with her. In the TV show, however, Tyreese and Carol are shown to be just friends and he has no romantic involvement with Michonne at all; Tyreese did have a romantic involvement with Karen, who was killed by Carol in an attempt to stop the flu outbreak from reaching others in the prison.

tyreese injured

His death
In the comic books, Tyreese is already dead by the time the prison is attacked by the Governor. In the comic books, Tyreese is held hostage by the Governor and decapitated when Rick won’t give in to his demands. In the TV show, this role was given to Hershel, rather than Tyreese. Because Tyreese’s storyline did not extend past the prison, Tyreese in the TV show could die—or live—in any number of ways.


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