Why is the Voice TV show so popular?

There are many shows on Television that has been created as with direct influences from other popular shows and The Voice is without a doubt heavily influenced by shows like American Idol and The X Factor. The Voice was created by John de Mol and it has grown in popularity because even though it has a lot of influence from other shows, it does feature a different format and unique style that has turned it into one of the most popular shows to watch on TV this year.the voice its your turn


The voice works in a completely different way. There are singers who will be competing to be given the chance to audition in front of professional musicians who also happen to be celebrities. The way things work is that the famous musicians and producers will be sitting on chairs that will be facing the audience instead of the Singer. Then, once the Singer starts to perform, the celebrity judges will be able to press a button that will allow them to take a lot as the artist and this means that they would be interesting in coaching them and helping them win the competition.


This show has seen a large number of very popular celebrity’s caches like Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Ceelo Green, Shakira, Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani. This is an all-star cast of coaches that has been on and off in different seasons, but the amount of popularity of the show has continued to be just as good through each season. The show has air a total of 8 seasons so far and there will definitely be a ninth season according to the producers.

This is a show that has become one of the favorites for a large number of people who used to be huge fans of Idol and X factor, but they have found that the format and the style of the Voice has become an even better choice for them to get their entertainment fix. It just seems better because there is only talent in the show and there are no terrible auditions like there are on the other shows. This is one of the main reasons why the voice is preferred by people who want to listen to great talent from the moment the show begins.

gwen steffani

There is a lot of debate in regards to the kind of entertainment that can be expected from this kind of shows in the future, but there is no way to deny the power and the importance that this has been able to gain in the world of entertainment. The music business benefits from this as well, because more people see the opportunity to be recognized by the industry greats and this means they are more likely to invest in recording software and hardware in order to come up with good demos to send to the networks that will be looking for talent to take to the shows.

adam levine

The Voice could probably continue to grow as a show, but there is also the chance that it will be replaced by something that is a hybrid of the current format, with other new ideas that might be brought into this kind of TV show. If you have not been able to see the voice at this point, we recommend you give it a try if you have been a fan of the American Idol show. This is similar, but at the same time very different and refreshing and that is the reason why it has become such a popular TV show. Keep up to date with all The Voice shows with a reliable TV and Internet provider.

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