Feb 13

Why “Into the Woods” Changes May Have Cost Meryl Streep Her Oscar Chances

Meryl Streep was the only actor from Disney’s film adaptation of Into the Woods to receive an Academy Awards nomination. The film in general did not do very well in terms of Academy Awards, despite its big budget and financial success. And although Meryl Streep was nominated for her performance, many insiders believe that she may not have a good chance at winning—not because she gave a bad performance, but because the changes Disney made to the Into the Woods story. Let’s take a closer look at why Disney’s changes to Into the Woods may have cost Meryl Streep her Academy Award chances.
First, let’s look at the major changes as they relate to Meryl Streep’s character, the Witch. The Disney film removed several elements of the Witch’s character or, at least, downplayed them.
In the original stage version, she is shown visiting Rapunzel or thinking about her more often, which strengthens the relationship between the two characters—or, at least, the Witch’s own love for Rapunzel. The Witch is also shown more clearly losing her powers after regaining her beauty, and noting that her own happy ending (like, it will be shown later, that of the other characters) has come with a price: the loss of her magic and in some ways, her ability to control the people around her.
The film also removed Rapunzel’s descent into insanity and her eventual death. This not only affects Rapunzel’s story, but the Witch’s as well. In the film, Rapunzel merely runs off with her prince who, unlike the stage version of her prince, seems genuinely in love and concerned for her. The Witch sings an altered version of her “lament” from the show. In the show, her lament comes after Rapunzel dies—and now it comes merely after she runs away on a white horse with a prince who loves her.
Because Rapunzel doesn’t die, the Witch does not lose the only thing she had to live for, unlike the stage version. Her disgust with the other characters is milder and her eventual loss of her wits and desire for death seems out of left field.
These changes remove a huge part of the Witch’s story and, in doing so, robbed Meryl Streep of a complex, richer and darker character arc which would have made her a more likely winner of the Academy Award. Check out these other home entertainment options right here.

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Dec 08

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Django Unchained

1138856 - Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino’s 2012 film Django Unchained was a quasi-historical look at a slave who teams up with a bounty hunter to save his sold lover. The film starred Jamie Foxx as the titular Django; Christoph Waltz at Dr. King Schultz; Leonardo Dicaprio as Calvin Candie; Kerry Washington as Broomhilda von Shaft; Samuel L. Jackson as Stephen; and included Danièle Watts as Coco, one of the slave women that Django encounters during his journey.

The film was a modest success at the box office and received mixed to positive reviews from critics. How much do you really know about Django Unchained and its stars? Take a look at 5 things you (probably!) didn’t know about Django Unchained.

Leonardo Dicaprio really injured his hand
During the film, there is a scene where Leonardo Dicaprio’s character slams his hand down on the table, breaking a glass. Dicaprio actually did break the glass on the table, which cut him and caused his hand to actually bleed. However, Dicaprio chose to ignore his injury and continued on with the scene in character. Tarantino ended up using this take in the film.

The film was censored in China
Before the film could be released in China, several elements had to be censored—one unique censorship involved darkening the color of the blood in the film to make it acceptable by Chinese film regulation standards.

Jamie Foxx owns horses–and they were used in the film
In reality, the horse Django rides was actually one of actor Jamie Foxx’s horses. Filmmakers decided to use the horse because it was already comfortable with Foxx. Foxx not only rode his own horse, he gifted a unique present to actor Christoph Waltz, who injured himself after he was thrown off another horse: a saddle with a seat belt.

The film was Danièle Watts’ first notable film role
Actress Danièle Watts had several smaller film and TV roles prior to her casting in Django Unchained; her role in Django Unchained was her first featured film role and earned her some mild notice from film critics.

Cuba Gooding Jr. wanted to play Django
Cuba Gooding Jr. revealed after the film’s premiere that he had actively lobbied Quentin Tarantino for a chance to play the lead role of Django; however, Tarantino wouldn’t consider Gooding for the part, something that the actor says is his “biggest disappointment.”

Watch your favorite movies at home with a great entertainment package.

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Nov 17

Walking Dead’s Tyreese: Comic Book vs. TV Show


Fans of the original The Walking Dead comic book often note that the TV show and the original comics can be very different. This is especially true with certain characters, like Tyreese, who only barely resemble their comic book counterparts. The differences between comic book Tyreese and TV show Tyreese are so great that many fans say it’s hard to predict what will come next for Tyreese, since their storylines are so vastly different. Let’s look at some of the most significant differences between Tyreese in the original comics and Tyreese in the TV show.

His backstory
In the original comic books, Tyreese is traveling with his daughter and her boyfriend–the couple eventually die after a long and complex subplot. The TV version of Tyreese, however, is not traveling with his family; he is traveling with companions of an unknown relationship, one of whom is bitten by a zombie during their entry into the prison and dies soon after.

His relationship in the group
In the comic books, Tyreese is essentially a second leader for the group. He is very close to Rick and is like a second father figure to Carl, similar to the role that Shane played in the first two seasons of the show. In the TV show, however, Tyreese’s role is not so significant–he is now more of a caretaker and protector of Judith than any sort of Rick-like leader.

His relationship to Carol
In the comic books, Tyreese and Carol were in a romantic relationship. Tyreese eventually cheats on Carol with Michonne, and begins a relationship with her. In the TV show, however, Tyreese and Carol are shown to be just friends and he has no romantic involvement with Michonne at all; Tyreese did have a romantic involvement with Karen, who was killed by Carol in an attempt to stop the flu outbreak from reaching others in the prison.

His death
In the comic books, Tyreese is already dead by the time the prison is attacked by the Governor. In the comic books, Tyreese is held hostage by the Governor and decapitated when Rick won’t give in to his demands. In the TV show, this role was given to Hershel, rather than Tyreese. Because Tyreese’s storyline did not extend past the prison, Tyreese in the TV show could die—or live—in any number of ways.

Can’t live without the undead, even when the writers don’t follow the comic cannon? You definitely need the hoodie in your life. 

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Oct 14

I Love Lucy

I do not believe there is a person alive in this country that isn’t aware of the legendary TV sitcom I Love Lucy.  I would hope there isn’t anyone alive that has not seen an episode of the show.  I know there are.  There are lurkers reading this now that haven’t a clue what I am talking about but come on!  It’s Lucille Ball for Pete’s sake.  If there is a first lady of TV comedy, it is certainly her.

It was not only her as the zany Lucy that made the show work so well of course.  There were Fred and Ethel, she and Ricky’s neighbors that lived downstairs, and all the “normal” people that Lucy could bounce off of like a bowling ball.  She really was the ultimate whacky character, with every kind of silly project or crazy idea of how to be a loving wife you could imagine.

Ricky Ricardo, played to perfection by Desi Arnaz, was a talented Latino guy.  As a singer and bandleader, he was the star of his own show.  Lucy, of course, wanted to get in on the action but often made a fool of herself or her husband.  But Ricky would always forgive her because she was so pathetic and lovable.  I mean, who wouldn’t love Lucy, especially when she cries her eyes out and grovels.  She always meant well, she just messed things up. You can find reruns of many episodes of I Love Lucy on Dish Network Satellite Television.

Comedy is difficult to do well in any time period and I find that a lot of times it does not hold up well at all.  I watch a lot of old movies and some times the comedy is not that funny.  I think what is so amazing with the I Love Lucy Show is that it is timeless.  It is still funny.  I can watch an episode today and still get a kick out of it.  Themes of family love, loyalty, the desire for acceptance, true friendship, biting off more than you can chew, etc, are never gong to change.

Plus, when you have a cast as talented and people with as strong a chemistry as they had, it never gets “old.”

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Oct 08

AT&T U-Verse Package Deals

Want more entertainment value for less money?  Then look no further than AT&T’s U-verse options.  Once you sign up for this deal, the whole world of entertainment will be yours, from anywhere you choose.  It is easy to set up, hassle free and simple to use with all the customer service you will need.  Be sure to check with your local retailer so you can save both time and money.  They will make certain your area has this service available, plus they can get you the best deal possible if it is. Find more info about AT&T Uverse Deals at http://www.netgenskeptic.com/compare-ATT-uverse-cable-providers/.

Tired of being locked down to only one room in your house to watch all your high quality TV?  Than get out of the living room with the U-verse wireless router, which if you choose the U300 or higher model, you can have the upfront fee waved.  You can watch almost anywhere within the comfort of your home with this router and TV watching will never be the same.

The AT&T U-Verse Wireless Router will enable you to free your television set from the confines of the living room.  This innovating technology lets you watch what you want, where and how you want it.  Even without a cable outlet, you can watch your TV in whatever room you choose.  Whatever program you want, be it watching that big game out by the pool, your favorite cooking show in the kitchen, or even scary movies in the attic, now you can have that freedom to do what you want, all thanks to the wireless feature U-Verse provides.

How to install is a common concern with most customers.  Often times, installation can be cumbersome and annoying.  Not any long, thanks to AT&T’s simple set up features.  The wireless receiver can be plugged into any power outlet in your home, within the same room as your television set or not.  It matters not where you put it, because the wireless router power gauge lets you determine the best signal strength area, in nearly every spot your TV can go in your home.  Set it up in the best location and watch TV wherever you want.

This is like any standard receiver you may have by streaming live TV in HD or SD, depending on the specific programs selected.  Either way, you get both.  Also get all the access you need for Applications, Channel Guide, Total Home DVR Menu, Multiviews and many other options.  Plus, you can enjoy U-Verse Movies and exclusive Pay-Per-View services. Find out about all your options at http://www.mobuzz.tv/att-u-verse-options/.

Keep in mind there are certain requirements, so check with your local retailers to full understand what is available in your area.  Also, check with them to get the best deals around.  You need to first see if this service is available in your area and become an AT&T customer.  You will also need to get wireless service to connect from the wireless access point to the wireless receiver.  You need to make sure the wireless receiver is connected to both the router and the power outlet.  And also keep in mind that only two wireless receiver can be had for each specific household.

This service is unique in that it allows you to get more of what you already have, great TV service, and upgrade it beyond what you may have thought possible before.  Technology can be a confusing, often frustrating experience unless you get all the facts together first and calling an AT&T provider as soon as you can will help cut through the confusion in order to get the best out of your entertainment dollar.

No matter what specific plan you choose for your entertainment plan, Anywhere TV is just one easy click away!  Get started now by contacting your local provider.  It is easy, simple to set up and once you have it, you ill wonder how you got along without it.

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Sep 30

Michael Landon

Michael Landon, appearing on three separate TV series from 1959 to 1989, an incredible feat of thirty straight years, was a TV icon of mammoth proportions.  Getting to star in one hit TV show is a miracle, it really is.  Most actors dream their whole lives to have one series that “makes it”, let alone three consecutive shows with longer than average runs.


Born in Queens, NY, Landon got his first big break on the Western TV show Bonanza, playing as one of the Cartwright brothers, in his case Joe Cartwright.  It is strange to see early episodes of Bonanza because Landon is so young.  Over the course of fourteen seasons he grows closer to the man we see in The Little House of the Prairie, where he plays Pa (Charles) Ingalls, patriarch of the Ingalls family.

Bonanza was a fun show, one of the first ever to appear in full color.  This Western series focused on the Cartwright family and their adventures on their Nevada ranch.  Landon proved to be the most popular actor on the show, receiving more fan mail then anyone else.  Later on, he began to take a more active role on the production, even writing and directing some episodes.  This is where Landon learned the ins and outs of TV work and with Little House, he came into his own, becoming executive producer.

He was no longer just some actor.  Landon had more control and his high standards of quality made Little House better.  Several actors, including Melissa Gilbert who played Laura Ingalls, have stated he was strict about how people worked on the show, that he demanded only the best from everyone involved.

For me, Landon will always be the ultimate TV dad.  He was warm and caring but strict and firm.  He demands respect and would do anything for his family.  I’m sure Landon was very similar in his personal life; he seemed like such a sweet guy and I was saddened to hear of his death in 1991 at the young age of 54.highwaytoheaven

Before his death he had another successful series called Highway to Heaven.  This was a very personal project to him, as he was very serious about his Christian beliefs and as such he played an Angel sent down to earth to help people in need.  Little House regular Victor French was his co-star, playing an ex cop named Mark Gordon.  Its five year run accounted for 111 episodes and cemented Landon as a TV icon for all time.

He died too young and there is no telling if he would have gone on to helm another successful TV series, but at least we have these hundreds of episodes to enjoy for as long as we wish.

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Sep 09

Cable Providers Offer More Than Just TV

Breathe a little easier when you monthly bill comes in by using the bundled service packages that cable providers offer. These Bundled packages provide monthly discounts that give you more money to spend elsewhere. Bundles combine three separate services into one monthly bill through one provider. This keeps your bills down and your entertainment options up.

With a cable provider, you have a wide selection of programming to choose from so that your entire family is satisfied. You can watch your shows while your children watch theirs and no one has to do without. With the regular programming packages, you also have the option of On Demand programming that includes new movie releases and thousands of other shows, movies, music videos and children’s shows. You can also take advantage of the Pay Per View live action events. This broadens the amount of programming you have at your disposal so you can watch it anytime you want to. Look here to check availability of Comcast CableCharter CommunicationsTime Warner Cable or any of the other cable providers in the USA.

When you subscribe with a cable TV provider, you can also get the benefit of a DVR or HD-DVR for programming storage. Play your programming when you have time to sit down and watch it and you won’t have to miss anything. The DVR/HD-DVR is able to give you additional control over your programming by providing functions for rewind, pause and fast forward. You can use these controls for your On Demand programming, Pay Per View and your recorded programming. You can use the DVR for the additional benefit of Parental Controls that allow you to block the programming you don’t want your children to see. It’s the perfect tool to have for growing families.

Your cable TV provider can also give you online Parental Controls that keep your children off the sites you don’t want them on, even when you aren’t around. These Parental Controls are good for monitoring online activities and limiting online time. With the wireless high-speed internet services your local provider can offer, your children will have plenty of opportunities to find sites online, so you want to be prepared by blocking adult sites with these Controls. This service also comes with security that blocks spyware, viruses and other online threats while it protects you from hackers and phishers. You can use this service to watch your shows or play your games or network with friends and family all over the world. Home entertainment keeps getting better and better.

When you need to hear that voice on the other end of the line, use the unlimited local and long distance calling plan from a cable provider. These plans offer unlimited local and long distance calling on a set rate that doesn’t change. This set rate includes calling features for easy call management. You can also use these services to make your international calls. It is a complete service for a complete home phone service.

When you bundle these packages, you don’t have to remember to pay three separate bills to three separate providers. Bundles provide a single discounted rate for three services through one provider. Pay this bill online and add convenience to the benefit.

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Sep 09

Charter Communications Deals are Fantastic

Once you have ordered your Charter Communications services you can sit back and relax with the world’s best entertainment at your fingertips.  Whether you want to enjoy some downtime with Charter TV in Digital, chat online with friends studying abroad with Charter Internet, or finally call up that friend you have been dying to reconnect with that moved away ages ago with Charter Phone Unlimited, these services work wonders for in-home convenience when it comes to relaxing, entertaining, and just getting stuff done!

Browsing through the seemingly infinite selections from Charter TV you will feel like you have access to everything that has ever been on television.  This is not too far from the truth because Charter Communications has hundreds and hundreds of TV channels that are dedicated to a wide variety of interests ranging from the new to the old and the popular to the obscure.

Are you a sports fanatic?  Charter TV has countless sports networks with focuses on soccer, football, basketball, pool, NASCAR, and so much more.  Like getting local, national and international news?  Charter TV has you covered with the major news networks, investigative journalism, and even news from around the world thanks to Charter’s exceptional international programming.

Countless movies and programs are accessible in High Definition and you can get over 900 HD choices with On Demand in HD!  On Demand, Movies and Premiums On Demand, and Pay-Per-View each offer completely instant access to hundreds and in some cases thousands of selections in HD and digital.

The most convenient way to enjoy a movie you have been dying to see or find a new favorite show, these programming features have it all.

To maximize the experience of home television you can enjoy Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound which comes with a few of the HD channels!  Enjoy the excitement of going to the theater without having to move from your couch to watch this kind of entertainment!

Further increasing the entertainment you will enjoy at home after a stressful work day or a jam-packed week of exams is Charter Internet.  The word “fast” does not do this internet service justice as it gets you up and running way quicker than DSL and has incorporated tons of extra broadband for extra fast downloading in mere seconds!

With Charter Internet many people can take advantage of having fast service, even if they are all surfing at the same time!  With the ability to support a bundle of people without overloading your broadband service, Charter is ideal for large households that want to reduce inefficiency and conflict when it comes to internet use.

Charter Internet is insanely safe too with its security suite that comes with a bundle of programs that never go out of date!  Self-updating you can safely shop online, download programs and files, surf through any website, and enjoy everything that fast internet offers without pulling your hair out because people keep hacking your bank account.

When you surf with Charter, make your online experience your own with a variety of personalization abilities.  With its strong-as-ever wireless connection surfing in the most comfortable locations in your house will be possible without trying to constantly find a strong signal!  Charter Internet comes with personal email accounts too for extra space and emailing abilities.

If having a personalized internet experience suits your fancy then you will be ecstatic about Charter Phone’s unlimited calling plan!  Without having to so much as think about incurring overage fees that dampen your monthly expenditures on a regular basis you can save yourself from the constant dread that comes with counting your minutes and regularly monitoring when you can make phone calls.  Completely free calling access to all fifty states, Canada, and Puerto Rico is the best way to keep in contact with friends and family in far-off places.

While calling on your personal schedule will be a breeze you can always enjoy ignoring the annoying telemarketers that regularly phone you at the most inconvenient times.  Call block, anonymous call rejection, selective call acceptance, caller ID, and call waiting with caller ID are all included so that you always know who is calling to decide what to do with the call!

If you order Charter Internet, Phone, and TV you will discover even greater savings than when they are purchased apart.  Seemingly paradoxical, by increasing the quality of these services and decreasing the cost Charter Communications has been able to expand its customer base drastically!  Take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy the fruits of this technological century and order online today.

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